Roy Vanhoozer - Former Camp Director

Greetings, MaCa Restoration volunteers,
After the completion of the bridge removal at the 2005 summer camp, the National Park Service (NPS) initiated discussions regarding the number of volunteers for future camps.  The NPS is very grateful and appreciative of the hundreds of volunteers who have put in thousands of hours of work restoring the caves to a more natural and pristine state.  Without the camp's  volunteers, it is very doubtful that much, if any of the work accomplished by the camps would have been completed. 

Now, with the large scale projects concluded, the NPS believes it is time the camp attendance should be scaled back.  At the behest of the NPS, the weekend and summer camps in the future will be capped at a total of 45 volunteers for each camp. For each camp there will be a sign-up/registration list that will be made available through the website. 

The list will be made available for sign-ups in advance of each camp.  If you are interested in attending the camp, sign up as soon as you can, because only those individuals registered on the list will be eligible to attend and work with the restoration camp.  Please register only if you are reasonably sure you can and will attend.  If you register and something happens and you cannot attend contact camp director Bill Copeland ( ) as soon as possible so we can remove your name and someone can use your spot.  Please make sure your name is on the list before you travel to Mammoth Cave.   

Roy Vanhoozer