Mammoth Cave Restoration Group

Miscellaneous Past Camp Participant Photos

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Tyvack Restoration Worker Photos


* Includes many photos from past camps, photos donated by many past participants too numerous to thank individually, however we want to take the time to thank them for their efforts to preserve our past activities on film for future generations to have. *


Sally Schile - Model & Preston Forsythe - Caver, Restoration Camp Participant

Caving in Style - NSS News 1983 - Mark Colman Photographer

Mark Colman is a freelance fashion photographer. A member of the Western Kentucky Speleological Survey and has been caving for many years.  This photo is a small chip of a special run in the NSS News many years ago highlighting his two loves: caving and fashion photography.  All photos were taken at caves in Western Kentucky.  Models were all non-cavers, assisted in photos by cavers such as Preston.  Preston is an active participant in the MaCa Restoration Camp along with his wife Shari, which was stylist for this photo shoot.